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Promote your products or boost your event in an original and effective way with the TicTacBox. With its 100% customizable Photo animation, it generates traffic and seduces your guests, visitors or future customers while you broadcast your promotional messages. The TicTacBox dressed in the colors of your brand offers you a space of communication entirely dedicated to your brand.

Enrich your database and keep in touch with users after your event by sending personalized mailings; the box allows you to insert your logo, direct links as well as promotional codes. Your opening rates will reach new heights!

We have the lowest rates on the market!

Your business pack includes

  • 400 photo prints (1 roll of photo paper)
  • Photo Customization
  • Screen Customization
  • Unlimited sending of the photos by e-mail to users (personalized text)
  • Share photos on social networks
  • Download photos of your event via online gallery
  • Printed Photo Book of the event (25x25 - 40 pages - hard cover)

Standard paper roll for printing 400 photos: € 80 per (€ 66 excl.VAT)
TicTacBox custom exterior: 150 € (124 € execl. VAT)
Green screen - 3 different backgrounds: 60 € (50 € excl. VAT)
Delivery: 0,42 € (0,35 excl. VAT) per km (number of km round trip x2) & installation: 30 € (25 € excl. VAT)
Promoboy / Hostess - price on request

Price / day: 275 € (227,27 € excl. VAT)

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